Catalyst Counseling, LLC provides holistic and strength based mental health counseling services in a school setting. Therapists promote optimal academic/school functioning, developmental assets, and overall health and wellness to help people live happier more fulfilling lives.

Catalyst Counseling, LLC’s school based therapy program has the advantage of providing early detection and immediate intervention, accessible and convenient services, and effective collaboration and coordination between schools and families.

Building strong relationships is at the forefront of Catalyst’s school based services to provide more effective advocacy for students and families within the school setting.


First Steps

Here is how to reach out if you have concerns about your child's mental or emotional health or simply want to consult with a therapist about what’s going on:

  • Speak to your child’s school counselor, teacher, or administrative team to request for your child to be referred to Catalyst Counseling. You can also call your school district’s team lead (find them here) to see which therapist is in your child’s school.

  • Once your Catalyst therapist has received the referral, they will give you a call to follow up with you.

  • From there, you and your Catalyst therapist will schedule an initial intake in order to learn more about you and your child and set individualized goals for treatment.

If you’re unsure about whether the behaviors you’re seeing may or may not indicate a mental health or emotional issue, click here to see a brief list of common reasons why children and adolescents are referred to counseling.


After you’ve connected to a therapist

Once you’ve made contact with the therapist in your child’s school, you and your therapist will meet for an initial intake meeting. During this time, therapists will complete a full bio-psychosocial assessment. This helps your therapists get to know you and your child and deepen their understanding of your concerns.

From there, you and your therapists will begin an individual treatment plan to identify areas of strength, as as well problems, goals, and objectives. This goal setting process will also involve your child! As the client, it is vital that he or she have a say in setting their goals.

Your Catalyst therapist will help you determine which of our services best fits your needs. Catalyst offers mental health therapy through multiple services:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy (anger management, drug and alcohol, mindfulness, etc)

  • Summer Services

  • Therapy for Parents and Families

  • Traveling Nurse Practitioner & Medication Management Services

You and your child’s therapist will be in contact throughout the course of treatment. Parents and families are highly encouraged to be active participants in their child’s therapy. The best, most long lasting change can only happen when the entire family is involved.