Nurse Practitioner

Our mental well being is directly tied to our physical health and wellness. Many mental health conditions, like anxiety or trauma, cause physical symptoms alongside emotional or behavioral ones.

Because we know that it is vital to view each client from a holistic perspective, Catalyst is excited to offer Nurse Practitioner services.

Our traveling, school based nurse practitioner will be able to treat clients directly in the school building. By offering school based nurse practitioner services, Catalyst aims to eliminate another barrier to mental health treatment for children, adolescents, and their families.

Our Nurse Practitioner offers the following:

  • Medication prescription

  • Medication management

  • Sleep assessments and healthy lifestyle planning

  • Consultations with therapists

  • Cross-disciplinary, holistic treatment planning

  • Blood work to screen for vitamin deficiencies and thyroid issues

  • Lead poisoning screening

  • Onsite genesight testing

  • Mental health education for children and families