Do you feel bogged down by demanding mental health issues? Would you like to relieve your school of the liability of high risk mental health issues such as suicidal thoughts, drug use, self harm, and other threats? Catalyst Counseling wants to help your school focus on what you do best.....educating students! Our highly qualified, masters level clinicians offer free full-time on-site therapy right in your building to help students and families optimize their potential, both academically and personally.

Why Choose Catalyst Counseling Over Other Agencies:

  • Specialize in delivering quality, cutting edge school based services

  • Utilize evidenced based therapy interventions to assist students in improving grades, relationships, and overall functioning

  • Offer at least one full-time masters level clinician per school

  • Collaborate with administrative team to design tailored services for the unique needs of your building

  • Strategically recruit energetic, intelligent, flexible therapists that are a good match for and become part of your school family

  • Ensure quality and direct communication between Catalyst co-owners and school administrators by providing regular on-site supervision

  • Design a school based office using color, lighting, and sensory relaxation techniques

  • Provide an organized Google referral system that is updated regularly and shared with school staff

  • Decrease school liability by managing high risk mental health issues (carry liability insurance)

  • Provide outcomes and satisfaction data to each building and school board to show improvements in students’ progress

  • Reward therapists for quality rather than productivity

  • Ensure clinical support and group supervision with our team of over 50 amazing therapists throughout 10 school districts in Southwest Ohio

Catalyst Counseling has been the most positive addition to our school that I have ever seen. The counselors are top notch and completely irreplaceable, an asset to our staff. They are constantly available and love and care about our kids as much as we do. We are extremely fortunate to work with them.

— Assistant Principal at Edgewood City Schools

Catalyst School Based Services:

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Group Therapy (anger management, drug and alcohol, mindfulness, etc)

  • Home Based and Summer Services

  • Teacher / Staff Trainings and Education (Trauma Informed Schools, ACES, Classroom Management, etc)

  • Therapy for Parents and Families

  • Traveling Nurse Practitioner Medication Management Services

As many local districts have recognized the importance of addressing mental health issues in their schools, we encourage you to call or email us as soon as possible so your school can have priority. Teaming with Catalyst will ensure that you have taken every necessary step to limit liability, lower your staff’s stress and burn-out, and assist your students in overcoming mental health issues. Together we can make a difference in the lives of students and families in your community.