Informed Consent

Thank you for choosing Catalyst Counseling, LLC.  We offer school based therapy services to students and their families in a school setting.  Clients are actively involved in the assessment/diagnostic process, treatment planning, reviewing progress in treatment, and discharge planning.


A full bio-psychosocial assessment is completed on all clients at intake. The purpose of the assessment is to gather sufficient information from clients and guardians to identify the needs and preferences of each person served. The assessment will be completed by your therapist at your first active counseling session. At times this assessment may take more than one session and is focused on identified problems as well as client strengths.

Treatment Planning

Clients will actively participate in the development of an individual treatment plan once your assessment is completed. The plan will include your needs, preferences, and strengths as well as identified problems, goals, objectives, and achievement dates.  

Reviewing Progress

Progress will continuously be reviewed throughout treatment in order to ensure that goals are met. Therapists will help measure progress and success by using outcome measurement tools and reports, as well as the information provided by clients, guardians, school personnel, and other supportive people.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning helps all parties have a clear understanding and expectation of the plan of action at the time when services are terminating (IE: when goals are met or the school year is  ending).  Discharge planning includes an evaluation of the client’s progress, discussion with the client and guardian, determining what supports are needed (including referrals to alternative therapeutic services if necessary). Thorough discharge planning helps promote safety, stability, and success for all clients.

Hours and Contact Information

Catalyst Counseling, LLC therapists work the school schedule (not including holidays, snow days, and summer break).  For mental health emergencies, call 911 or contact the Butler County Crisis Line at 1-844-4CRISIS.  


All client information including identifying information, diagnosis, and treatment will remain strictly confidential, as governed by the State and Federal laws, rules and regulations. Client information shall not be disclosed unless one of the following situations occurs:

  1. imminent safety risk-threat of danger to self or someone else
  2. suspected child/adult abuse or neglect
  3. record review/case audit
  4. contact emergency contact
  5. subpoena of records
  6. nonresidential parent records request
  7. billing to insurance providers; CompuClaims, LLC (Kathy Dye) will process billing claims to third party providers

Due to the nature of the clinical setting being in a school, students and school staff may observe the client with his or her therapist.

When a minor is involved in therapy, there is a discussion at the first session with the parents (or guardians), child, and therapist that what the minor discloses in individual therapy sessions will be held confidential by the therapist except if the minor would indicate that he/she is at risk of harm to self or others, or, if someone has or is harming him/her.

Catalyst Counseling, LLC staff members consult with other mental health professionals regarding the management of cases. The purpose of this consultation is to ensure quality care. The identity of the client is not disclosed during clinical consultation.

Catalyst Counseling, LLC has taken precautions to ensure that our email is encrypted and HIPPA compliant. However, there may be some level of risk that protected health information in an email could be read by a third party. If clients agree to email communication, Catalyst Counseling, LLC is not responsible for unauthorized access to information or for safeguarding information emailed once delivered to clients.